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What is the Kentucky Society of Architects Political Action Committee?
A political action committee, or PAC, is the most effective political tool available to Kentucky Architects and AIA components. The KSA-PAC allows Kentucky Architects to voluntarily band together to express support for legislators and candidates who have taken or likely will take positions that are compatible with the profession's interests. The PAC's purpose is to collect and distribute campaign contributions. But unlike personal or individual contributions, a check from a PAC carries a clear message on behalf of a large number of people, in our case the entire architectural profession. KSA-PAC provides financial support to candidates running for the Kentucky State Senate and House of Representatives seats. It is a non-partisan political action committee and exists through the voluntary contributions of people like you. The Pac does not support federal or local elections.

Kentucky Society of Architects Political Action Committee

How are PAC funds used and what purpose do PAC disbursements serve?
 PAC contributions are made fundamentally for three reasons:

  • To support well-qualified candidates who hold friendly positions
  • To express appreciation to incumbents for supportive actions and votes they have made in the past​
  • To improve opportunities to be heard in the future. It is important to remember that PAC contributions are made to build relationships; they are not attempts to buy votes. There can be no quid pro quo between a contribution and a specific vote on a particular issue. That would be illegal and unethical. Even so, there are many people who are uncomfortable with the idea of PACs, but unless laws governing campaigns are changed, they are indispensable tools that serve an integral role in an effective advocacy program.

Why is the KSA-PAC important to Kentucky Architects?
A PAC allows architects to combine financial resources and express collective interests of the profession in ways not possible with individual contributions.

  • Because architects rarely represent a huge voting block, the KSA-PAC can give the profession clout exceeding its actual numbers.
  • A PAC allows the AIA and Kentucky Architects to gain access to key legislators who may come from districts that do not contain many architect constituents. There are many powerful public officials from rural areas, for instance, with whom the AIA must establish relationships, and PACs are one way to achieve this.​
  • They can serve as a way to get Architects involved in the component's government affairsprogram without requiring a large investment of time on the part of the member. Contributors may be encouraged later to take a more active role through Minuteman programs.