Useful Facts Regarding Political Action Committees: General Information

  • PACs were created as equalizers, not polarizes. Their growth was spurred 30 years ago by campaign finance reform legislation that targeted some of the same issues we wrestle with today: spiraling campaign costs, rich candidates versus poor candidates, and incumbents versus challengers.
  • PACs are often portrayed as the vehicles used by corporate and industrial America to steamroll the little guy and buy political clout. In truth, workers, through the AFL-CIO, started the first PAC some 50 years ago. The Federal Election Commission records show that PACs representing workers--and trial attorneys--are still the most powerful and influential in American politics.
  • PAC contributions are more about national politics than company politics, more about individual freedom than money. Political activity builds awareness of the policies and people who support the growth of a job, company, or industry. Full participation in elective government is the first and last line of defense against erosion of our democratic way of life


Kentucky Society of Architects Political Action Committee

What are the objectives of a state PAC?

The KSA-PAC has the following 4 goals:

  • Build Relationships with state office holders
  • Evaluate Candidates for state office
  • Raise Funds
  • Contribute to Candidates Who Support the Architectural Profession

Tony Kleyer, AIA - Chairman

486 Lamaster Lane

Simpsonville, KY  40067

Some points PAC advocates may wish to make in these situations are:

  • The profession has a great deal at stake in state government decisions.  Service taxes are currently under consideration
  • PACs are one aspect of an overall strategy to influence government decisions and ensure the profession's voice is heard.
  • PACs are legitimate forms of expression well regulated by law and are merely a way for likeminded people to band together to support public officials with whom they agree.
  • PACs are not vote buying. The KSA-PAC would never engage in illegal or corrupt activity.
  • The profession's adversaries are almost certainly going to be involved in political activity. The American political system is designed to sort out competing interests, and Kentucky Architects must be prepared to participate.
  • Nothing about PACs prevent individuals from becoming involved in political activities on their own.  Contributors can designate their contribution to a candidate of their choosing. The PAC isn't a substitute for personal involvement; it's a supplement.
  • PAC contributions are often more potent than individual donations because the recipientunderstands exactly why he or she is receiving them.
  • KSA-PAC contributions are purely voluntary and there is no penalty for not participating.
  • The PAC is bipartisan and decisions about support are based solely on the candidate's position on the architectureal  key issues. Individual architects should feel free to contribute to other candidates based on the issues that are important to them.